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    TouchBase is a simplified email marketing tool allowing our clients to "touch base" with their subscribers. We have sent over 200 million email messages to date!

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We Believe in Simplicity, Transparency & Integrity

These terms form the foundation of what makes TouchBase a unique email marketing platform. Let us explain.


The TouchBase team believes that email marketing is most effective when it is kept simple. It should be simple to create messages, simple to manage contacts and simple to send messages to subscribers. The TouchBase platform has been built with these simple goals in mind.


We also believe that our processes and pricing should be transparent. Nobody likes surprises and our platform and pricing model has been developed to eliminate surprises. We’ll always be clear on what the system can do, what it should do and what it costs to use it.


Along with simplicity and transparency, email marketing is only effective when there is integrity associated with the platform, the messages and the folks that send messages. Our platform is about sending relevant messages to a group of subscribers that look forward to receiving your messaging.

A Simplified Approach that Produces Results

TouchBase has been designed to remove features that are unnecessary and/or lead to confusion. Our approach is to provide simplified features that provide the tools needed to complete a job. These features include:

Simplified Email Creation

In just a few simple steps you can create an email blast. It’s is as easy as entering a subject line and a link to an HTML version of your mailer.

Landing page creator

In a few simple steps you can easily create and publish a landing page to compliment your email blast and allow subscribers to take action on your marketing message.

Preview and Testing

Before sending your mailer to your subscribers, send a test version to yourself or management team. Test to a segment to determine the most effective subject line and/or mailer call to action.

Reliable Reporting

TouchBase reporting provides you with all the reporting you’ll need to determine whether your message was a success. This includes opens, webviews, clickthroughs, bounces, unsubscribes, shares etc.

Our Email Marketing Goals

It is our goal to enable you to touch base with your subscribers without a learning curve, without financial surprises and through a platform that is shared by like-minded people.

We feel strongly that email marketing is most effective when everyone involved trusts that the messages being sent or received are relevant and authentic. If you feel the same, we’d love to work with you.

Start sending mail today.

Our 30 Day Free Trial gives you access to our account set up guide and the ability to send up to 100,000 subscribers in your first month.

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Clients - TouchBase Email Marketing Services
Clients - TouchBase Email Marketing Services
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