TouchBase: Email Marketing & Transactional Mail Pricing

We don’t like surprises when it comes to pricing and we know you don’t either. Like everything else, we have tried to keep our email marketing pricing model simple and transparent. You can use the pricing slider below to generate an estimate on what it would cost to send your mailers each month. Our pricing model is based on the total number of recipients you will contact per month either through email marketing messages or our transactional mail services. In short, you are not locked to a pricing tier each month. Instead, we will simply calculate your total number of recipients at the end of the month and invoice accordingly.

Flexible Growth


Pay per Recipient

Additional cost of $50 per dedicated IP (optional).
Bracket Rate CPM
Up to 100K $24.95 flat rate
100K to 1M $0.00100 per recipient $1.00
1M to 2M $0.00080 per recipient $0.80
2M to 5M $0.00050 per recipient $0.50
5M to 10M $0.00040 per recipient $0.40
10M to 25M $0.00020 per recipient $0.20
25M to 50M $0.00015 per recipient $0.15
50M+ $0.00010 per recipient $0.10

For agency pricing, please contact us at:

For additional email marketing pricing from TouchBase please consider our enterprise email marketing pricing which includes travel and tourism package tie-ins to our online reservation system GuestServe, a dedicated account manager and additional advanced reporting detailing ROI on each mailer. You can contact us at for additional information.